Apartment D Films


Apartment D is an indie animation studio packing a visual punch! With a combined 123,979,839 YouTube icon views for our clients, we believe that animation should be exhilarating, inspiring and get you animated!

apartment d apartment d

"Top notch! A pleasure to collaborate with, and a super force of kickassery."

-Jason McLagan
(Director of Animation, Family Style)

“Incredibly collaborative, creative, and focused on creative problem-solving… They would absolutely be my number one call in the future.”

-Jon Berkowitz
(Creative Director / Head of Motion Graphics, Aspect)

“An indispensable partner in our fast-paced, ever-changing workflow, they’ve not only helped us stay on schedule, but have brought our content to new levels.”

-Lauren Keskinel
(Short Form Content Producer, Mattel)

“An amazingly talented and creative team… I was blown away by the results. They do such good work, I really can't recommend them highly enough.”

-Zak Stoltz
(Director, Breakarate)

"With a strong creative vision and an eye for innovation, the team went above and beyond to create the best possible final product."

-Rachel Feinberg
(Producer, Tongal, Inc)

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