Apartment D Films


Apartment D!!! is an animation studio with a passion for visually striking stop motion! Combining pixel burning visual design with scroll stopping action, we believe that animation should be exhilarating, inspiring and get you animated with 110,325,255 YouTube icon views.

apartment d apartment d

"Top notch! A pleasure to collaborate with, and a super force of kickassery."

-Jason McLagan
(Director of Animation, Family Style)

“Incredibly collaborative, creative, and focused on creative problem-solving… They would absolutely be my number one call in the future.”

-Jon Berkowitz
(Creative Director / Head of Motion Graphics, Aspect)

“An indispensable partner in our fast-paced, ever-changing workflow, they’ve not only helped us stay on schedule, but have brought our content to new levels.”

-Lauren Keskinel
(Short Form Content Producer, Mattel)

“An amazingly talented and creative team… I was blown away by the results. They do such good work, I really can't recommend them highly enough.”

-Zak Stoltz
(Director, Breakarate)

"With a strong creative vision and an eye for innovation, the team went above and beyond to create the best possible final product."

-Rachel Feinberg
(Producer, Tongal, Inc)

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